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CARBON AIR FEEL+ COMPETITION fetlock have been developed to be used exclusively during competitions. The innovative Feel+ Competition System is Adjustable and has been carefully studied down the finest details to boost (Level 3/3) the response of the horse performing the jump, without giving up the comfort. They are "FEI allowed" (Please see page 34 of the linked FEI Manual) and are also equipped with an additonal pastern protection.
They protect the joint while guaranteeing good movement freedom thanks to the Flex-Zone. The dimensions, the Velcro straps and their absolute ergonomic shape have been developed accurately following the limb structure, offering a perfect positioning and optimal stability, practicality and safety. Carbon Fibre Elements ensure the maximum protection to the fetlock and the breathability is granted by the Perforated Neoprene and Air Intakes.
Main features:
-   Feel+ Competition System to strengthen horse’s response during jumping (Level 3/3);
-   Adjustable according to the needs of the horse;
-   FEI Allowed;
-   Additional pastern protection;
-   Gel-Tech padding for impact absorption;
-   Perforated Neoprene for better perspiration;
-   Carbon Fibre Elements for Extra Protection;
-   Flex-Zone for a complete freedom of movement;
-   100% Made in Italy.


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