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Simple attachment with no tools

Simply loop around a bar or fence rail before passing the trigger hook through the webbing loop - DONE! Great for flat backed buckets etc. Combining a large trigger hook with strong 25mm/1" webbing, this is not a 5 minute wonder. Use permanently at home, or temporarily in show stables etc. Generous length of webbing allows attachment to rails up to 8cm x 4cm/3"x 1.5". (If the Hook Up is too long then wrap around a second time before tucking through.) Supplied on header cards for fast selling display.

How many ways can you find to use one?

What a simple way to clean a saddle! Suspend the saddle from a "D" ring and get to all parts with ease.  Please view all images.

Length 39	cm
Width 4 cm
Weight 0.06	kg


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