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Warm, soft, comfortable and draft free, our Pita Snuggle Beds are perfect for dogs who love to burrow into their beds to snooze.

Machine washable, they are made with a beautiful mocha faux suede outer, a soft, cream, sherpa fleece inner lining and a  generous amount of duvet filler. This makes them perfect for dogs like whippets, greyhounds and dachshunds who love to nose into sleeping bags or slide under a warm duvet-type bed. These dog beds are not too bulky so they can be used equally well on the floor, sofa, bed or in the car. They are also great for taking away on holiday giving the dog a warm, snug, familiar home-from-home to sleep in.

The standard bed measures 27" by 25" (68cm by 64cm) and is perfect for mini Dachshunds, terriers and small breeds.

The large bed (pictured) measures 38" by 33" (96cm by 84cm) and is perfect for whippets and smaller greyhounds or lurchers.

Then there is our Extra Large, it's a whopping 36" by 48" (93cm by 122cm) and perfect for larger dogs.

Pita Snuggle Beds

Sizes Available
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