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The new stirrup named "Jump 25 Evo Action" differentiates mainly by an innovative feature, and by a technical and sporty design, while maintaining the same quality of strength, elasticity and comfort of all Royal Rider stirrups.
At the top of the attack of the stirrup leather Royal Rider inserted progressive springs, avoiding in this way to modify the hardness dependent on the weight of the rider, which allow to obtain a higher comfort in a first phase of work (when riding in suspension), maintaining unchanged the safety, the sensitivity, the sense of stability and support.
In a second phase, when the pressure on the stirrup becomes more important, the system of cushioning is completely integrated with the body of the stirrup, obtaining the flexibility and the elasticity typical of our stirrups, maintaining its structural integrity and nullifying in this way the problems related to stress in the joints of the rider caused by the use of conventional stirrup, made by steel and aluminum, and does not require any type of maintenance.
Suitable and recommended for all the equestrian disciplines.
Like all the stirrups of Royal Rider's production the “Jump 25 Evo Action” maintains unchanged the technical characteristics and all the details which it is composed, moreover, it does not require any kind of maintenance.
The stirrup is supplied with stainless steel and rubber bar, to satisfy any need of riders.
Technical features
Material DuPont ®
Stirrup- bar Size 120x64 mm
Stirrup Size 150x64x180 mm
Weight 324 gr.
Tension breaking load 750 Kg/cmq.
Black Only

Royal Rider Evo Action

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