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The Trust Waterford Combination Hackamore is another great horse bit designed by Trust Equestrian. A sweet iron mouthpiece that combines the effects of a movable nose band and adjustable working system. The bit is a great choice that can be used for all horses. This mouthpiece is suitable for horses that love the taste of sweet iron, but tend to be too strong for the rider to control.

The Waterford mouthpiece is made up of smooth flexible balls of sweet iron. Individually hand crafted, the mouthpiece has no rough edges and is rounded down to be completely smooth and kind for the horses mouth. The Waterford mouthpiece spreads the pressure over the individual balls making it a light in the horses mouth. As a result due to the greater flexibility of the bit, it discourages a horse from leaning on the bit.

The Waterford bit is a good choice for a horse that leans. It also promotes mouthing and salivation, whilst the nose band applies pressure when required.

The Trust Waterford Combination Hackamore applies pressure to the nose and also the mouth. The adjustable screw in stoppers, allows the rider to set the movement of the mouthpiece with an allen key. This comes supplied with the bit and also some spare stoppers. As a result, by allowing the rider to adjust the position of where the the bit sets in mouth. So in turn will increase and decrease the effectiveness of the bit.

The movable mechanism comes in both short shank and also a long shank option.

The long shank applies more pressure to the nose. The short shank has a lesser action on the horses nose. As a result this makes the Trust Combinations Hackamore a strong and effective bit, when used correctly.

If your horse prefers a softer more flexible mouth piece. Please see the Inno Sense Flexible Hackamore.

Available in 125cm. 135cm and 145cm. Short and Long Shank.

Horse Bits From Trust Equestrian.

All TRUST-bit are completely handmade in the Netherlands. All the components are welded together and polished by hand. Heating the sweet iron for a short amount of time, gives it, its beautiful deep blue colour. The final touch is stamping the size and brand name onto the bit.

Both the Inno Sense and leather bits are also handmade in the Netherlands.

Sweet Iron develops surface rust through contact with air and humidity. This rust is sweet in taste and naturally stimulates the saliva production. As it causes the horse to salivate more, it encourages a better acceptance of the bit.

Why choose Sweet Iron For My Horse?

Sweet iron rusts when it comes into contact with the air and humidity.  The sweet iron is warm and tastes pleasant to a horse with its desirable sweeter taste. This bit is designed to rust with use, and therefore produces the sweet taste which many horses prefer.

Please Note that the rust is not harmful to your horse and is therefore at no risk whatsoever. This surface rust tastes sweet and pleasant to a horse. As a result this naturally stimulates the saliva production. Therefore as the horse salivates, and results in the horse taking a better contact with the bit.

Over time the process of oxidation of the bit, causes the bit to rust and change from the blue colour to a brownish iron colour. If not used. The sweet iron bit will develop an orange-brown rust layer on the mouthpiece. Remove by wiping with a damp cloth.

Trust Waterford Combination Hackamore

Sizes Available
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