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Soft, warm and with a very deep pile, the blanket is made from pure new wool (700gsm) and measures 205 x 210cm (80" x 83") approximately. They are made, of course, here in England. The original "Witney horse blanket" and still the very best woolen blanket you can put on a horse. Witney horse blankets can be used in winter as an extra warm under blanket, in summer as an after bath drying blanket and all year round as a must-have blanket in lorry when off competing. Increasingly we have noticed that our customers are also using them as cosy, colourful winter blankets on their beds and settees both in private homes and in country inns and hotels. For those who missed out on a pony club upbringing there's a guide on how to place and secure a blanket on a horse on our Pinterest site. A traditional Early's of Witney English horse blanket. The pure new wool in the blanket is woven on a traditional oversized loom before being milled in to give a finished weight of 700gsm. It's then washed, dryed, combed and brushed a number of times to produce the soft pile whilst retaining its hardwearing qualities. Early's of Witney was the iconic English blanket manufacturer providing "Incomparable quality since 1669". Sadly, they have now ceased trading and Friday Fox Ltd has acquired all the remaining stock of their horse blankets and many of the old machines used by Earlys to make up their blankets. There are only a few of these blankets remaining. Made in England.

Witney Horse Blanket Square

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